Branding Assets

Tradable Bits Logos, Colours, and Typography

Company Name

Tradable Bits is two words, with capitalized T and B

Hello, our name is:
Tradable Bits


Feel free to use the horizontal or vertical logo. Use the icon if space is limited.

Always make sure the logo has plenty of space and isn’t stretched.

Don’t use these graphics in a way that would imply partnership or endorsement by Tradable Bits to your company or product.

Preferred Logo:

Square Logo:

White Logo:


These are Tradable Bits’ brand colours. We also use different levels of opacity of these colours for background colours.



The typeface we use is Montserrat. It’s open source and available for download.

Heading 1

font-size: 60px; font-weight: 400; color: #354C56;

Heading 2

font-size: 36px; font-weight: 400; color: #354C56;

Heading 3

font-size: 24px; font-weight: 400; color: #354C56;

Some paragraph text.

font-size: 18px; font-weight: 400; color: #6d6e70

Primary button is Blue Secondary button is White